Is DegreeTest really free?

Yes! We are providing the test free of charge.

Who will see my DegreeTest.com results?

Your unique test results are private and you are the only person who will see them. Once the test has concluded, you may choose to share your results with participating colleges and universities that match your degree recommendations. Lastly, from the results page you have the option to share your results on Facebook, Twitter, or via email with your friends.

Will you share or sell my email?

We will never sell you email address. We collect your email address so that we can send a copy of your gifts test results to you and periodically communicate with you about updates and/or products and services provide by BeliefNet. If you take the test via one of our embedded test partners, we may share your email address with that organization so that they can contact you directly.

Can I put the DegreeTest on my website?

Yes! You can use the embed code provided after you create an account to place our test on your website and share it with your people. for your free account today.

For more information, please contact us at degreequiz@gmail.com.

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